Possible VII CPC Pension Parity Points For Lt Col pensioners

The table for notional progression of pay and pensions for older retirees in a previous blog post also brought out the possibility of demonstrating how Wg Cdr /Cdr / Lt Col pensions of retirees from the pre Dec 2004 era would be affected if:

  • The Government accepts the principle of parity of pensions of older retirees in lower time bound ranks with pensions of current retirees with equal service but in higher time-bound ranks.
  • The QS for Col(TS) is reduced from the current level of 26 years.

Such an outcome would cater for all the angst currently being expressed over select-grade, non-select grade etc. in various forums.

Assuming the VII CPC pensions are eventually linked to the VII matrix index numbers as per the recommendations, which are then firmly linked to QS, then pensions of older Lt Col equivalent retirees could vary as the GIF indicates. Readers can crosscheck with the actual figures shown in the table linked to in the blog-post referred to above.



One thought on “Possible VII CPC Pension Parity Points For Lt Col pensioners

  1. After 3rd Pay Commission, Lt Col was in the basic pay scale of Rs 1750-1950. A civilian Director/SSP was in a lower pay scale of Rs 1650-1800. The edge of the Lt Col in the entry level basic pay as well as the top end was maintained till 5th Pay Commission.

    However the 6th Pay Commission nullified this edge of the Lt Col and gave a lower grade pay (& hence status) to a Lt Col. Lt Col was given grade pay of Rs 8000 and the Director got Rs 8700.

    Seeing the basic payscales of the 3rd, 4th and the 5th CPCs, a higher grade pay of Rs 8900 was due to the
    Lt Col. But the same was not agreed by the Committee headed by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, now the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

    7th pay Commission has made things even worse for the Lt Col. Not only his status (level 12A versus 13) has been lowered but his basic pay at both the entry point (lower end) and the upper end have been lowered.

    The basic payscale of Lt Col needs to be reworked keeping his edge at the entry level point as well as the top end.

    Also Lt Col needs to be placed at level 13A, higher than the Director who has been placed at level 13.


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