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Gaps In Pensions Of Pre 16 Dec 2004 Lt Col(Select and TS) Pensioners And Pensions Of Post 16 Dec 2004 Col(TS) Pensioners With Equal Service

This is in continuation of previous blog posts on the subject.

To concisely illustrate the gap existing between pensions of pre 16 Dec 2004 Lt Col pensioners (with permanent commission) and pensions of post 16 Dec 2004 Col(TS) of equal service and the need to close the gap, especially under OROP, the following graph and table could be of use. There are three sets showing pensions for both categories of ranks i.e. Lt Col (Select/TS) and Col(TS).

Ultimately, if there is to be no discrimination between pensioners with equal service but with different time bound ranks, in the set under OROP the two lines would need to merge.

And if the average of pensions is to be replaced with the highest pension drawn for a particular QS then the graph of OROP pensions for Lt Col/Col(TS) for QS ≥ 26 years may move closer to the top most line, representing pensions based on PB-4, and perhaps even coincide with it.

Readers can use the arrow mark in the frame of the graph for a magnified view.


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