Dismissal Of Appeal Filed By U.O.I.

Some positive news for a section of one class of retirees I had mentioned in my previous blog post, viz., Maj retirees with 20 years of service.

AFT had given its judgement in OA 138/2013 in May 2015. The judgement can be read here. AFT Order.

The appeal filed by UOI was disposed off by Hon’ble Supreme Court in March 2016. The order can be read here. Record Of Proceedings_SUPREME COURT

Now, it remains to be seen whether the order applies only for the benefit of the actual litigants or for all similarly placed retirees in rank of Maj and equivalent.

However, only Maj retirees after Jan 86 96 may be affected by this order. True pension parity would be obtained only if all Maj retirees with 20 yrs or more of service get pension parity with Lt Col pensions.


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